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Princeton Super Pipe and Boundary Layer Data


The mean velocity profiles obtained in the Superpipe facility and in a flat plate incompressible boundary layer are now available. The files are text files and can be read by Excel. Pleae note that the Superpipe mean flow data described by McKeon et al. (2004) supersedes the earlier data set presented by Zagaroal & Smits (1998) because improved correction procedures were implemented by McKeon et al.


Zagarola, M.V. and Smits, A.J., "Mean Flow Scaling of Turbulent Pipe Flow." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 373, pp. 33-79, 1998.

McKeon, B. J., Li, J., Jiang, W., Morrison, J. F. and Smits, A. J., "Further Observations on the Mean Velocity in Fully-Developed Pipe Flow." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 501, pp. 135-147, 2004.