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  Grigory Toker
 Address: 1501 Woodbine Avenue, #1406, Toronto, Canada M4C 4H1.
 Phone: (416)424-3473
 EMail: grigory_toker@hotmail.com
 Job Description: 1. Flow visualization, flow field measurements and instrumentation. Development of advanced and novel optical diagnostic techniques for combustion, propulsion and aerodynamics applications 2. Experimental aerodynamics. Supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnel testing 3. Image data acquisition and numerical processing by DFF transform 4. Fluid dynamics of supersonic micro jets due to their potential use in applications such as micro propulsion and thrust vectoring, and cooling of MEMS components and fine particle deposition and removal 5. Single liquid fuel droplet and liquid fuel spray vaporization. Liquid phase/gas phase interaction as related to liquid fuel droplet burning 6.Laser ignition of fuel spray 7. Temperature turbulence in heated subsonic jets. Turbulent and laminar convection 8. Aero-optics phenomena