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  George Khujadze
 Address: Petersenstrasse 13, Darmstadt, Germany
 E-Mail: khujadze@hyhy.tu-darmstadt.de , Website: null
 Job Description: My experience: Lie group analysis of differential equations; Stability analysis of plane shear flows; DNS of turbulent flows using spectral method on supercomputers: Cray T3E -- Supercomputer center in Stuttgart; IBM (REGATTA)-- Supercomputer center of TU Darmstadt; Hitachi SR8000-F1 -- German Federal Top-Level Computer Server in Bavaria, Germany; Job requestid: PostDoc position in CFD;

  Mark A Woodmansee
 Address: 1470 Dean Street, Schenectady, USA 12309.
 Phone: (518) 346-5124
 E-Mail: marknanh@localnet.com , Website: null
 Job Description: BS/MS/PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UIUC (1990-9). Mechanical Engineer in Combustion Laboratory at GE Global Research Center (1999-present). Fluent in laser diagnostics (CARS, TDLAS, LDV, PIV) and combustion technology (aircraft engine swirl burners, flame synthesis burner design). Highly regarded (and performance ranked) scientist at GE GRC. Demonstrated abilities to propose, plan, conduct, present, and publish relevant research while meeting business¿ objectives. Knowledge of laser-based and fluorescence-based fluid mechanics measurement techniques complements my background in fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Currently project leader of gas turbine optical imaging program ($700K) for GE Energy Systems. Looking for appropriate project leader and academic opportunities.