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  Behrooz Momeni
 Address: 40 , 7th St.Esteghlal Jonobi St.Mardavij Avn., Isfahan, Iran 81689-66431,.
 Fax: (+98)3116245568
 EMail: behrooz@ghaemreza.com
 Job Description: Part time job will search . RESUME Dear Sir Data:Feb.1,2003 My name is Behrooz Momeni (male). I am 31 years old . My degree is M.S. in Fluid mechanical engineering fromTabriz university (IRAN). My skills and experiences are include : EXPERIENCE : 1.Minimum four years (full time) and two years (part time) of experince in engineering and design office chief.(NAHAM IRAN Co.) Duties and responsibilities : 1.1-Analysis and design of mechanical system (structure mechanisms and thermal system) 1.2-Forging and forming die design. 1.3-Special machinery design. 1.4-Project managment. 2.Minimum two year (part time) of experience in insulation designing of pipe line by CFD evaluation.(KHAM AHAN Co.) 3.Minimum one and a half years (full time) of experince in procurment and contracts.(GRICO) SKILLS: Strong computer skills,experience with finite element soft ware , such as Superforge,ANSYS and NISA is preferable, programming language is favoureable in HTML,FORTRAN and C++ . My courses pass in education and abstract of thesis is write below: 1. Continum mechanic. 2. Development matematical. 3. Development numerical calculation. 4. Convert energy. 5. Development heat transfer. 6. Development fluid mechanic. 7. Momentum transfer in boundary layer. 8. Turbulent 9. Thesis Abstract of thesis: Some technical aspect of delay in seperation point on airfoil Now a days, making delay in seperation point of fluid flow is one of the most important, because of proportionality of fluid flow energy deception around axisymmetric airfoils with respect to amount of delay in seperation of fluid flow from airfoil.In design of axial turbomachines such as pump , rocket , missile ,compressor,turbines and fans making delay in seperation point will improve effeiciency.In the present study some technical aspects of delay in seperation of incomperesible and comperesible fluid flow over aerodynamic bodies are invenstigated. The numerical study is performed using EMRC/NISA. The results show good agreement with experimental data attained from relating tests in fluid mechanics lab. of Tabriz University. Address: 40,7th, Esteghlal jonobi st., Mardavij Avn.,Isfahan-IRAN Post code: 81689-66431 E-mail: behrooz@ghaemreza.com Best regards B.Momeni

  Konstantin Metodiev
 Address: entr. 4, bl. 422, Obikolna str., Ovcha Kupel 1, Sofia, Bulgaria 1632.
 Phone: +359 88 9559616
 EMail: k3487@hotmail.com
 Job Description: My name is Konstantin Metodiev and I am a post-graduate student in Space Research Institute - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. I am concerned with CFD of external flows (Godunov's Finite Volume Method, Riemann problem, direct & iterative time stepping schemes), grid generation (various algebraic grids (incl. complex transformations), quadrilateral grids). Source code is presented in C/C++ or ForTran77. Teleworking only!

  xing zhang
 Address: 12 Yew Siang Rd 04-01, Singapore, Singapore 117752.
 EMail: zhangx@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg
 Job Description: OBJECTIVE Seeking a full time position in the field of CFD or other scientific computing areas, working as a research engineer, scientist or software developer. EDUCATION Ph. D in Mechanical Engineering. The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. (2002). M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing, China. (1995) B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing, China. (1992) EXPERIENCE Post-doctoral Research Fellow. CFD Division, Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), Singapore. Working on the development of Navier-Stokes solver on unstructured mesh.(03/2002-date) Research Assistant. Laboratory of Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics, MIE Department, The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Worked on developing a Navier-Stokes solver using finite volume method based on unstructured meshes, also worked on turbulence modeling, mesh adaptation and code parallelization. (08/1998 - 02/2002) Staff Scientist. Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing, China. Worked on shock waves and detonation, two-phase flow. (08/1995-07/1998) COMPUTER LITERACY Languages: Fortran 90/77, MPI and C/C++. Platforms: Windows NT /98 and UNIX/LINUX. Software: Tecplot, Fieldview, Gambit and ANSYS. Parallel Computing: PC clusters OTHER EXPERICENCE Familiar with other numerical methods for solving partial differential equations, esp. finite difference and finite element. Have knowledge in numerical heat transfer and mesh generation.