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Birkhauser Publishing Company


Birkhauser is the largest publishing firm in Switzerland specializing in the natural sciences. It employs over 70 workers. It regards as its foremost task the perpetuation of a tradition-rich commitment to the service of science, also taking into consideration the pursuit and improvement of electronic media. With international research institutes now setting the pace in the natural sciences, 80% of our book titles and 90% of our journals are in English. A branch office was established in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1979 devoted exclusively to the science program.

Acquired by Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg-Berlin-New York, in 1985, Birkhäuser today is an independently run Swiss company with offices in Basel, Boston and Berlin. The recent partial takeover of Springer by Bertelsmann Fachinformation GmbH and its integration into the newly founded Bertelsmann Springer Science + Business Media-Group has not changed Birkhäuser's independent character.

Thirty-one scientific journals and 240 new books are published each year. Bilingual titles (mostly German/English) and twin editions, especially in the architecture program, are a key element of the list and underscore the publisher's international outlook.