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The American Physical Society proudly presented a list of its newest members to be elected to Fellowship. Each new fellow is elected after careful and competitive review and recommendation by a fellowship committee on the unit level, additional review by the APS Fellowship Committee and final approval by the full APS Council. Only 1/2 of 1% of the total APS membership is selected for Fellowship in the Society each year. The new fellows for APS related to Fluid Dynamics are as follows:
  • Jean-Marc Chomaz (Laboratoire de'Hydrodynamique)
    For fundamental and elegant studies of linear and nonlinear global modes in shear flows, and for the discovery of a new zig-zag instability of vortices in stratified media.

  • Karl Helfrich (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
    For laboratory, analytical, numerical and observational contributions to understanding waves, hydraulic control, abyssal ocean circulation, thermals, plumes, viscous fingering and other areas of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics.

  • Alan Kerstein (Sandia National Laboratories)
    For substantial and enduring original contributions to turbulence dynamics, turbulent mixing, and turbulent combustion, and for insightful technical leadership among peers and students.

  • Edgar Knobloch (University of California, Berkeley),
    For innovative applications of modern mathematical tools such as bifurcation and group theory to the analysis of nonlinear structures in fluid flows and for elucidation of fundamental dynamical mechanisms.

  • Sanjiva Lele (Stanford University)
    For seminal contributions to the understanding of compressible turbulent flows and pioneering work in computational acoustics.

  • Amable Linan (School of Aeronautics, Madrid)
    For seminal contributions to the aerodynamics of combustion, in particular to the structure and stability of diffusion flames, and for the other elegant applications of asymptotic methods of fluid mechanics.

  • Geoffrey McFadden (NIST)
    For fundamental insights into the effect of fluid flow on crystal growth and for an innovative approach to phase field methods in fluid mechanics.

  • Hermann Riecke (Northwestern University)
    For pioneering work on pattern formation in nonlinear non-equilibrium systems, especially in Taylor-vortex flow, binary-mixture convection, and electro-convection in nematics.

  • Congratulations to our colleagues for receiving this singular honor.
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