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Advanced Materials for Optics and Electronics aims to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge of those materials - inorganic, organic, polymeric and biological - whose focus of interest is the emerging discipline of Information Technology in its broadest sense. Its purpose is to bring about the integration and interaction of the science and technology of advanced materials whose scope includes:

MATERIALS: Semiconductors; linear and non-linear optical materials; glasses; photoactive materials; laser materials; luminescent, photochromic and electrochromic materials; ceramics including high Tc superconductors; magnetic materials; low dimensional solids; polymer encapsulants; LB films; biological materials; electro-rheological fluids; liquid crystals; chemically modified electrodes; resists; metallic conductors

PREPARATION: Synthesis of precursors for advanced materials and structure preparation; synthesis of organometallics for MOCVD; chemicals for the electronics industry; mesogens; monomers and polymers; biological processes; genetic manipulation; novel synthetic strategies; hybrid semiconductor/molecular materials; molecular modelling, functionalisation.

PROCESSING: Purification of advanced materials; crystal growth; homo and hetero structural epitaxy; chemistry of epitaxy, deposition and etching processes; laser assisted deposition, ablation, etching and annealing; laser treatments; defect chemistry and solid state reactions; chemical aspects of device fabrication including VLSI; microlithography; passivation and surface treatment; photolytic and plasma processing; electromigration and corrosion; LB film deposition; molecular self assembly.

CHARACTERISATION: Chemical analysis; electrical properties; linear and non-linear optical properties; spectroscopic properties; optical and electron microscopy; sensing and molecular recognition; x-ray and electron diffraction; STM and AFM studies; electro-rheology

APPLICATIONS AND DEVICES: Electronic devices; bioelectronics; optoelectronic devices; integrated optics; logic devices; microwave devices; magnetic devices; display devices; data storage devices; liquid crystals; chemical and biological sensors and transducers; supermolecular information processing; biocomputing