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 The Journal aims to serve as a forum for worldwide exchange of up-to-date knowledge between the academic world and industry on progress in aircraft design technology. The basic engineering disciplines (mechanical, aerodynamic, electrical, electronic and materials science) are integrated with principles of design functionality, ergonomics, environmental acceptability and sustainable engineering. The journal therefore invites contributions which are essentially applications orientated in the following areas:

  • Design specifications and missions
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Design of specific aircraft (projects)
  • Advanced aerospace propulsion systems and engines
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Structural materials and design
  • Handling qualities, flight control technology and simulation
  • Aircraft systems
  • Production and Manufacturing technology
  • Design Concepts and patents
  • Operational requirements and procedures
  • Maintainability, reliability, supportability
  • Design-to-cost, value engineering
  • Weight engineering
  • Design automation and information technology
  • Multi-discipline optimization
  • Systems engineering

  •  The journal also welcomes contributions which complement the core research activities of aircraft design such as design certification, patents and design education. All papers are expected to be of the highest academic standard for international readership and may be in the form of research papers, reports, short technical notes, test results and more extensive reviews.