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The overall aim of Applied Signal Processing is to publish papers on applications of signal processing in various areas and applications of new and emerging technologies to signal processing. It is directed as much at the practising engineer as at the academic.

Applied Signal Processing will highlight the similarities in approach to signal processing in diverse application areas and encourage a cross-fertilisation of techniques. It will not favour digital processing over analog, emphasising the renewed worldwide interest in analog signal processing techniques.

Subject areas include, but are by no means limited to: Applications of Signal Processing; Dedicated Signal Processing Architectures; Performance Analysis of Architectures and Algorithms; Neural Networks in Signal Processing; Non-linear Signal Processing and Systems; Processing Elements; Optical and Gallium Arsenide Signal Processing; Smart Sensors and Data Converters; Filter Structures & Filter Design; Applications of Fuzzy Logic; Implementation Strategies and Limitations; Design Tools and Educational Issues.

Application areas include: Speech Processing, Coding, Understanding and Synthesis; Computer Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition; Signal Processing in Communications; Remote Sensing; Oceanography; Medical Imaging and Medical Applications; Music, Audio; Applications of Chaos Theory and Fractals; Ultrasonics; Fibre Optic Sensing/Transducers; SAR, Radar and Sonar; Economic Time Series Analysis; Seismography Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Avionics, Transport, Simulation and Cryptography.