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The expressed intention of the Journal is the dissemination of information relating to the development, refinement, and application of computer-based numerical techniques for solving problems in fluids. These include, but are not limited to, the Finite Difference and Finite Element methods, in each of which the manner of imposing boundary conditions to obtain a numerical solution can be quite important. The submission of manuscripts in which the primary contribution is experimental is encouraged, if such results are compared with previously published numerical predictions. Also encouraged are papers in which an established numerical technique is used to study some of the subtleties associated with the physics of fluids. Indeed, even papers presenting closed form solutions directly related to engineering problems and demonstrated to be effective will be published.

Although it is not practicable to publish complete computer codes, the salient features of a new code will be accepted as technical notes, which should include examples illustrating the advantage of the techniques. It is envisaged that such codes should be made available at the discretion of the authors. Contributions relating to aids in teaching and design will be processed in a similar manner.