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Revue Gnrale de Thermique



The International Journal of Thermal Sciences is an international journal devoted to the publication of fundamental studies on the physics of transfer processes in general, with emphasis on thermal aspects and also relevant applied research on various processes, energy systems and the environment. It is a bi-lingual journal, in English and French, with a review committee.

The fundamental subjects considered within the scope of the journal are: heat and relevant mass transfer in all types of materials (heterogeneous, porous, etc.), forced, natural or mixed convection in reactive (combustion, etc.) or non-reactive, single or multiphase fluid flow with or without phase change, radiation, including its transmission in semi-transparent media, combined modes of transfer, transfer processes in plasmas , non-linear dynamics, the study of irreversible phenomena, etc.

The applied research topics include heat exchangers, their optimization and fouling, heat pipes, the cooling of certain systems, combustion engines and energy systems in general, their optimization and control, transfer operations occurring in many processes in chemical, food and agricultural, metallurgical, space and aeronautical, automotive, etc. industries, heat transmission and comfort in buildings, thermobiology, etc.