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The International Journal of Transport Phenomena provides a high-quality forum for a wide range of papers dealing with original research results pertaining to the transfer processes of mass, momentum and energy, particularly when two or all three processes are occurring simultaneously. The journal will also provide well-prepared archival review articles.

Approximately one half of the papers for this journal will come from Pacific Center of Thermal-Fluids Engineering sponsored International Symposia on Transport Phenomena. The best papers from these Symposia, those having lasting impact, will be selected for consideration in this journal. In these cases, the author must disclose such previous history and obtain copyright clearance, when necessary. The rest of the papers will be selected from unsolicited submissions from around the world.

The journal encourages manuscripts from a broad spectrum of scientists and engineers working in academia, industry and government. It appeals to an interdisciplinary audience in the fields of mechanical, chemical, nuclear, process, petroleum, aerospace, environmental and bio-engineering.

Papers submitted for publication must be in English and must follow a prescribed format. All papers will be subjected to a critical peer-review prior to publication.