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ASEE, in conjunction with the Universities Space Research Association (USRA), is pleased to announce the NASA Faculty Fellowship Program (FFP) for the summer of 2002. This 10-week summer research residency provides an excellent opportunity for faculty to become involved with research challenges important to NASA's strategic enterprises. The primary objectives of the NASA Faculty Fellowship Program are to increase the quality and quantity of research collaborations between NASA and the academic community that contribute to NASA's research objectives and to provide research opportunities for college and university faculty that serve to enrich their knowledge base. The program is designed for U.S. citizens with teaching or research appointments at U.S. universities or colleges, preferably with a minimum of two years experience. College and university faculty participants in the FFP can expect a rewarding pe! rsonal as well as enriching professional experience.

A stipend of $1,200 per week will be paid for the duration of the program. Travel and a relocation allowance will also be provided for those fellows who must relocate their residence. Approximately 150 first-year fellowships will be awarded. Applicants should be aware that no leave will be granted during the short ten week tenure and that fellows are required to conduct their research on-site. Faculty participants will be required to submit a research report and provide program evaluation data at the end of the summer period. Extended research opportunities may be available for some faculty participants to continue research on-campus during the academic year.

Complete program information and application materials are available on the FFP website at:
www.asee.org/nffp. The Application deadline is February 15, 2002. For more information contact Justin Stevens at (202) 331-3509, via email at j.stevens@asee.org


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