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Journal of Turbulence



Journal of Turbulence (JoT) is a digital forum for new theoretical, numerical and experimental concepts aimed at understanding, predicting and controlling fluid turbulence, either statistically or deterministically. The multimedia capabilities offered by this electronic Journal, including free colour images, video movies, combined with a new digital journal format provides a unique opportunity for disseminating detailed research aimed at deciphering the internal structure of turbulence and modelling it in its various fundamental, industrial, geophysical or astrophysical forms.

Turbulence is a physical phenomenon occurring in most fluids, yet is still widely unsolved. Recent theoretical, numerical and experimental studies have advanced our understanding of turbulence. JoT will provide a central repository for communicating these studies for fundamental and applied aspects, in two and three dimensions, for turbulent situations arising in aero- and hydrodynamics, acoustics, hydraulics, aeroelasticity, combustion, turbo-machinery, heat transfer, two-phase flows, MHD and fusion, internal geophysics, oceanography, meteorology, and astrophysics. Studies related to developed turbulence as well as transition are equally welcomed.

Journal of Turbulence


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