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You are invited to submit your fluid mechanics problems to eFluids. Please submit them as follows:
  • images in jpeg format, file size no larger than 400K each
  • provide your name, affiliation, and email address
  • provide a 300 word (or fewer) description of the problem
  • indicate which gallery you prefer for your contribution
  • It may take us some time to put them up on the gallery, so please be patient. Thanks for your contribution!

    Gallery 1
    balloon Fluid Statics
    12 problems
    Gallery 2
    asteroid Momentum Principle
    8 problems
    Gallery 3
    rooster Energy Principle
    1 problem
    Gallery 4
    butterfly Dimensional Analysis
    8 problems
    Gallery 5
    tent Pipe Flows
    4 problems
    Gallery 6
    spy Drag
    19 problems
    Gallery 7
    daytank Continuity
    1 problem
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