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Super soaker vs. monster truck

A child is using a "super soaker" water pistol to push a toy truck up a ramp as shown in the figure. The water jet coming out of the pistol has a diameter of 1.2 mm and a speed of 30 m/s, while the truck has a mass of 0.6 kg. For a rough estimate, one could neglect the air drag and the rolling friction on the truck. Initially, the truck is standing still at the bottom of the ramp.
a) Compute the maximum angle, θ, of the ramp for the truck to be pushed upwards.
b) If the ramp angle is 5°, compute the time it would take for the truck to reach the high end of the ramp, and its speed at that time. .


Contributed by Stavros Tavoularis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada.

The copyright on these problems is held by the contributors. Permission must be sought before using them in any way.