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Links to Links
Bullet Adam, for Internet aerospace links.
Bullet "Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics," an Internet guide to aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics and related technology (aeronautical sciences, road vehicles, propulsion, energy conversion systems, design and more). Maintained by Antonio Filipino, Institute of Energy Engineering, D T U, Lyngby Denmark.
Bullet Aerospace Web, Aerospace related information resource.
Bullet AIAA Educational Programs
Bullet Air Affair
Bullet Air Force Research Laboratory Microfluidics Workshop (May 2003)
Bullet APS Online Access Project (PROLA) Physics Reviews OnLine Archive
Bullet ASME's Nanotechnology Institute
Bullet Aviation's Busiest Hub in Cyberspace
Bullet Aviation Laboratories
Bullet CFD Online at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. A very complete site. A must for anyone in CFD. Contains links to job listings.
Bullet CFD Review. News/Support/Information Clearing House for CFD Community.
Bullet Community of Science (COS) Web Server
Bullet Copyright Clearance Center. The largest licenser of text reproduction rights in the world.
Bullet Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (Wind Energy Links)
Bullet EUROTHERM.The EUROTHERM web page is a reference for getting information on Conferences related to thermal sciences (including heat transfer, multiphase flow, etc.), on International Societies and Associations, on International Journals & Publishers, and more... Maintained by Gian Piero Celata.
Bullet Federal Agency Homepages
Bullet Fluid Dynamics and CFD
Bullet Fluid Dynamics Web Pages maintained by the Division of Fluid Dynamics of the American Physical Society. Contains links to job listings.
Bullet Fluids Links maintained by the Fluid Mechanics Group at Virginia Tech.
Bullet Federally funded R & D Centers
Bullet Mathematical Fluids Mailing List This is the mailing list for announcements in Mathematical Fluids.
Bullet National Air and Space Museum Maintains the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft in the world.
Bullet Navier-Stokes Equations Net The purpose of this website is to connect researchers who work in the field of the Navier-Stokes equations and related nonlinear problems, from a mathematical, engineering and computational point of view..
Bullet Optical Methods in Heat and Mass Transfer
Bullet Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Flow Visualization, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.
Bullet Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Flow Visualization, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.
Bullet Publishers. Try the Internet Book Shop.
Bullet SciCentral. Links to science and engineering research disciplines.
Bullet Sites related to AUV research.
Bullet Thermal Engineering Resources
Bullet Turbulence Links Around the WWW. Very complete site maintained by George B. Ross.
Bullet Wind Energy Links
Bullet Yahoo links in fluid dynamics
Bullet Yahoo links to aviation and aeronautics institutes
Bullet U.S. Aerospace Departments from the World Wide Web Virtual Library.