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Glossary of Technical Terms

Your help is needed to build the Glossary. When you see a term in your area of expertise that you think should be in Glossary, please contribute a brief definition, with no more than two fundamental references, through contact@efluids.com

Bullet DNS Direct Numerical Simulation
Bullet HPIV Holographic Particle Image Velocimetry
Bullet HTV Hydroxyl Tagging Velocimetry
Bullet LDV Laser Doppler Velocimetry
Bullet LES Large Eddy Simulation
Bullet LIF Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence
Bullet MTV Molecular Tagging Velocimetry
Bullet OTV Ozone Tagging Velocimetry
Bullet PDV Planar Doppler Velocimetry
Bullet PIV Particle Image Velocimetry
Bullet PSP Pressure Sensitive Paint
Bullet PTV Particle Tracking Velocimetry
Bullet TSP Temperature Sensitive Paint