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eFluids Highlights Education
eFluids can play a significant role in fluids education through its many offerings. For example, the Gallery of Flow Images can be used to illustrate the wide variety of flow phenomena found in nature, and it contains many fascinating examples of vortex shedding and trailing vortex formation. They can be used as quiz material, so that students are asked to estimate the Reynolds number typical of the flow, or whether compressibility is important, etc.
The Gallery can be expanded almost indefinitely by making use of the Individual Sites category, where students can gain easy access to the premier research laboratory archives for flow images and computational results. Projects can be devised to use this resource as a vast library to generate, for instance, a MS Powerpoint presentation using images from the links given by eFluids on Weather and Oceans, Vortex Shedding, Supersonic Flow, Flight, or Sportsball Aerodynamics (with appropriate attribution).
In a new venture, eFluids is developing a Gallery of Experiments and a Gallery of Problems. The Gallery of Experiments aims to deliver simple and effective experiments using a minimum of materials and supplies to illustrate the important principles of fluid mechanics. These experiments can be used in the classroom to make the study of fluid mechanics come alive. The Gallery of Problems provides a new source of problems for students in fluid mechanics for use in the classroom or for self-study. They are available in English and French.
The Education category can also be a rich source of inspiration for students. Educational Tools and Materials provides an index to sites where educational resources, such as specialized information, instructional material, or computer programs can be found. The Student Competition category may help to generate a team effort in one of many competitions available to students that focus on aerodynamics or fluid flow. Finally, the Magazine section of the eFluids site gives easy access to many popular articles on fluid flow and its applications.
We at eFluids are committed to expand our educational content, and we invite you to share with us any new material developed by you and your students, or any new teaching resources available on the web, so that we can make them available to the general academic community, from K-12, to advanced graduate programs. We look forward to your input and comments.


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