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Bicycle Aerodynamics




Fluid Flow Calculators and Applets

Interactive Tools by M. van Rooij and H. Higuchi
  • Unit Conversion
  • Reynolds Number Calculator
  • Mach Number Calculator
  • Standard Atmosphere
  • Sports Aerodynamics (spin, baseball and golf ball)
  • Superposition of Elementary Flows Calculator
  • Airfoil Analysis Applet
  • Simulation of a Pendulum in a Fluid Calculator
  • Sound Wave Propagation
  • Shock Wave Simulation
  • Interactive Tools at
  • Friction Factor Calculator - Virtual Moody Diagram.
  • Bluff Body Drag Calculators which provide the drag and drag coefficient for an assortment of bluff bodies
  • Drag vs Reynolds Number for cylinders and spheres
  • Incompressible, Flat-Plate Boundary Layers using Re-1/5scalings
  • Incompressible, Flat-Plate Boundary Layers using Re-1/7scalings
  • Gravity-Capillary Waves Calculator
  • Calculator for Waves in Solids
  • Liquid Viscosity Calculator
  • Liquid Thermal Conductivity Calculator
  • Gas Property Calculator
  • Interactive Tools by David Hill
  • Systems of Units
  • Operation of a Manometer
  • Hydrostatic Forces on Plane Surfaces
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Similitude
  • Basic Pipe Flow Calculations
  • Pipes in Parallel
  • Interactive Tools by C. Wassgren, C.M. Krousgrill and P. Carmody
  • Isentropic Flow Calculator
  • Fanno Flow Calculator
  • Rayleigh Flow Calculator
  • Normal Shock Relations Calculator
  • Oblique Shock Relations Calculator
  • Expansion Fan Calculator
  • Interactive Tools by Subrata Bhattacharjee.
  • Unit Converter
  • Tables and Charts
  • Gas Dynamics: High Speed Flows of Perfect Gases
  • Many, many thermodynamic calculators
  • Interactive Tools by Alina A. Alexeenko
  • Gas Dynamics Toolbox Applet
  • Interactive Tools by Gossman Consulting, Inc.
  • Flow calculator for pipes to determine if flow is turbulent
  • Interactive Tools by Ferdi Hellweger
  • UTFLOW - This applet computes and visualizes the EGL and HGL for a simple
    linear pipe system
  • Interactive Tools by Mark Mitchell
  • Animated Demonstration of Bernoulli's Principle
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