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Bicycle Aerodynamics






A Physical Introduction to Fluid Dynamics (2nd Edition) by A. J. Smits is now available exclusively on eFluids. Click here for the full text. It's FREE.


Featured Website

Jean Hertzberg has established an amazing gallery of flow images through her course Flow Visualization: A Course in the Physics and Art of Fluid Flow. at CU Boulder. A Must Visit site.

Scholarship Opportunities

Disclaimer: The listing of outside scholarships on this page is for informational purposes only. Inclusion in the listing does not constitute an endorsement by, which cannot guarantee the accuracy or the timeliness of information found at any of the links in the listing.

Some of these sites were recommended to us by Paul Morris of Outside Scholarships.

Outside Scholarships

Student Financial Aid Search Engine: Find & Apply for Financial Aid to Pay for College

Scholarships to Help International Students Afford U.S. Colleges

``No Essay'' College Scholarship

United Negro College Fund Scholarships

Scholarship America Scholarships

GoodCall Scholarship Search Engine is one of the largest databases of scholarships on the web. GoodCall Scholarship Engine requires no personal information and it's free to use. has a number of resources that may be of interest, including:

GoodCall Scholarship Search Engine is one of the largest databases of scholarships on the web. GoodCall Scholarship Engine requires no personal information and it's free to use. Annual Scholarship worth $2,000

Education Reference Desk Annual Scholarship -- $1,000 Award

The Best Scholarship Websites to Fund Your Education

Scholarships for students with disabilities

Educational Tools and Materials

A Physical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by A. J. Smits. Available for free on eFluids.

Aero Design Team Online. Middle school level introduction to aeronautics. Excellent source material, and an extensive list of internet links on similar topics.

AIAA Educational Programs

AIAA Pre-College Program

AIMS (Activities Integrating Math, Science & Technology) Education Foundation --- a classroom teacher movement!!

Applied Aerodynamics: an online aerodynamics textbook by Ilan Kroo.

Astronomy and Space Science Education for K-12: An educational website about astronomy and space science for K-12.

Beginners Guide to Aerodynamics :This site was prepared at NASA Glenn by the Learning Technologies project ( to provide background information on basic aerodynamics as teaching aids for math and science teachers.

Bicycle Aerodynamics.

Bicycle Aerodynamics site, including links.

Bob Haimes Visual3 Software

Bob Haimes pV3 Software

Bob Haimes CAPRI Software

Building Big

Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator. This calculator computes the standard relations for compressible flow of a perfect gas (developed by Prof. W. Davenport).

Computerized Educational Project in Heat and Power Technology by Dr. Torsten H. Fransson.

Computer Simulations for MSDOS, demonstrating the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and the Von Karman vortex street, by David Porthouse.

Desktop Aeronautics, Inc. Demonstrations of some commercial software, and a couple free examples of source code for airfoil and wing analysis.

Discussion on the Connection Between Pressure and Velocity, and the Interpretation of Bernoulli's Equation.

Education Atlas the Online Education, Degrees, and Distance Learning Guide.

Educational CFD program which computes subsonic, transonic, and supersonic flow over 2-D elements. Free download. Program by Axel Rohde.

Education Online Search a deep, unbiased resource for learning and career choices.

Engineering Applets. Interactive Java programs for Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics
  • Ideal Flow Machine, The Ideal Flow Mapper, The Virtual Shock Tube
  • The Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator, Thermodynamics of Air
  • Boundary Layer Applets, Mohr's Circle Applet
  • Engineering Fundamentals (eFunda). A premier online publisher for original engineering content and software.

    Engineering Software. Anywhere, anytime engineering reference apps (web, cloud, mobile, desktop and virtual e-material, e-solutions, e-courses and e-seminars, etc.) for energy conversion fundamentals and energy conversion systems (power and propulsion) for simple and basic cycles providing accelerated engineering e-learning and technical performance e-analysis.

    Engineers Edge. a preferred online destination for designers, engineers and manufacturing professionals.

    Engineers Tools Box. a freely available collection of web-based engineering design, analysis, and reference modules intended to fill the gap between an engineering handbook and complex CAE software.

    Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics. Contains material about astronomy, scientific biography, scientific books, physics, and other areas of science.

    Evergreen: National Council for Solar Growth. This website contains guidance on getting started with home solar power installations.

    Excel/VBA Spreadsheets for Heat Transfer (and Fluids). Contains heat transfer and fluid dynamics spreadsheets.

    Fluid Dynamics Video Course. a video blank-study course on fluids in motion (A Course of 39 Video Lectures by Ascher H. Shapiro -- Institute Professor, M.I.T.)

    Fluid Dynamics animation library CFDLAB. CFDLAB is a FORTRAN software library containing a variety of animation and visualization applications in fluid dynamics -- Prof. C. Pozrikidis, UCSD, CA

    Fluid Dynamics software library FDLIB. FDLIB is a comprehensive software library written in standard FORTRAN 77 (compatible with FORTRAN 90), covering a broad spectrum of fundamental and applied topics in fluid dynamics. The codes are suitable for blank-study, classroom instruction, and fundamental or applied research -- Prof. C. Pozrikidis, UCSD, CA

    Fluid Flow Calculations Website, On-line calculations for fluid flow (developed by Dr. Ken Edwards).

    Foundation Center Online.

    Foundation Coalition. One of Eight Engineering Coalitions Funded by National Science Foundation

    Free Software. Developed by NASA Glenn Research Center in an effort to foster hands-on, inquiry-based learning in science and math

    Glenn Learning Technologies Project. Developed by NASA Glenn Research Center.

    Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century. National Academy of Engineering Collection.

    High Performance Finite Elements. An FEM Software World which has FEAT, FEAST, FEATFLOW, DeViSoR, etc.

    Home Learning: Computer Programming Resources. This website gives many tools for learning HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, C/C+, etc.

    How to convert your document to HTML. Maintained by International Journal of Fluid Dynamics.

    HTML for Beginners.

    Home Learning: Computer Programming Resources. This website gives many tools for learning HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, C/C+, etc.

    HTML(5) Tutorial. This website also has many advanced tools for learning CSS, Java, SQL and PHP.

    Hypermedia version of James Fay's Fluid Mechanics textbook.

    Helpful listing of LaTeX resources.

    Index to Shareware on the Net.

    Informal introduction to Proper Orthogonal Decomposition.

    Instructional Resources from IIHR -- Hydroscience & Engineering (formerly Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research) This website contains General References, Special References, Displays, Movies, Internet Links, IIHR Library and world-wide famous series of Rouse Educational Movies

    Interactive website featuring fluid flow, hydrology, hydraulics, and unit conversion calculations, maintained by Ken Edwards from LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software, Ltd., provides children with a database of over 30,000 kid safe sites. In addition,  the site also has a Thesaurus, Dictionary and Encyclopedia.

    Les Houches Summer School program: " New trends in turbulence ".

    Lighter-than-Air Craft

    MacAirplane Graphics-oriented, conceptual aircraft design program developed at Notre Dame and on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

    Materials Information

    Multi-Media Fluid Mechanics. The demo is now available on eFluids for download at MMFM Demo.

    NACA Report on Investigation of Separated Flows in Supersonic and Subsonic Streams with Emphasis on the Effect of Transition

    NASA's Atmosphere Simulator. This is an interactive program in which one can investigate changes in the atmosphere.

    NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project. This web site describes the methods and activities of the NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project.

    NASA's CurveBall Software. With this software you can investigate how a big league pitcher throws a curveball by changing the values of the factors that affect the aerodynamic forces on the ball.

    NASA's Engine Simulation Software This software allows one to investigate how a turbine engine produces thrust by changing the values of different engine parameters.

    NASA's FoilSim Software. With this software one can investigate how an aircraft wing produces lift by changing the values of different factors that affect lift.

    NASA's Kite Modeler Software. With this software one can study the physics and math which describe the flight of a kite.

    NASA Observatorium: How Planes Fly.

    NASA's RangeGames Software. With this software one can solve problems involved with determining an aircraft's motion and performance.

    NASA's RocketModeler Software. With this software you can investigate how a model rocket flies by changing the values of different design variables.

    NASA Technical Reports Server at Langley Research Center.

    NASA Thesaurus. Contains the authorized subject terms by which the documents in the NASA STI (Scientific and Technical Information) Databases are indexed and retrieved.

    NASA Virtual Visits. Contains Student Videoconferences and Presentation Descriptions.

    NIST Industrial Fluids and Chemical Engineering Database. This website contains databases of fluids properties.

    Numerical Methods for 1D Compressible Flows (Interactive Book).

    Numerical Methods software library NCSE. An advanced undergraduate entry-level graduate textbook on numerical methods in science and engineering -- Prof. C. Pozrikidis, UCSD, CA

    Particle Image Velocimetry Data of Wake and jet Flow Fields. Prof. Chiang Shih (FAMU/FSU College of Engineering)

    Peterson's Guides.

    Piping Friction Loss Calculator.

    PumpSchool. An introductory Site about Positive-Displacement (PD) Pumps

    Purdue Engineering Salary Data.

    Quick 'n Simple: A Computational Fluid Dynamics program by Scott Forbes and Gerald Recktenwald. Free download, examples, etc.

    Road Map for the Teaching of an Integrated Thermal & Fluids Course. Prof. Chiang Shih's web courseware (FAMU/FSU College of Engineering)

    School-Wide Modular Program for Fluid Mechanics at MIT

    SimScience Fluid Dynamics Modules. Three levels of instruction.

    Source for Computing and Technology. A good source for reviews on hardware, software, electronics, and a source for buying electronics related products

    Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure. Includes mpeg movie of the disaster.

    Teaching thermal and fluids related disciplines by providing visualization-enhanced courseware, by Prof. Chiang Shih (FAMU/FSU College of Engineering)

    The Expert System for Thermodynamics�, by Subrata (Sooby) Bhattacharjee, San Diego State University.

    The Java Virtual Wind Tunnel. An interactive two-dimensional inviscid CFD simulation of a channel with a bump. You can experiment with different inlet conditions and change 2nd and 4th order damping, while you see how the solution evolves. The numerical method is a standard Jameson explicit Runge-Kutta scheme. Written by David Oh.

    The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook. A very attractive site that is worth a visit. Some of the materials make sense even at a high-school level.

    This link leads to an extensive bibliography on turbulence and related subjects. Maintained by Peter Bradshaw.

    Turbulence Program Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Royal Academy of Engineering.

    UCLA Engineering Salary Data.

    Virtual Fluids Laboratory at The University of Iowa by Marian Muste, Anton Kruger, and Wiliam Eichinger of IIHR.

    Viscous Fluid Dynamics course material by Geoffrey K Aldis at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

    VKI Lecture Series Announcements.

    Von Karman Institute (VKI).

    Web-Based Instructional Laboratory. Designed by Prof. Greg Elliott of Rutgers University

    Wind Tunnel Design.

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