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1. Introduction
2. Adding Wind Speeds and Directions
3. Characteristics of Fluids
4. Pressure
5. Continuity Equation
6. Bernoulli's Equation
7. Streamlines and Streamtubes
8. Flows With Friction
9. Transition and Turbulence
10. Separation
11. Drag of Blunt and Streamlined Bodies
12. Drafting
13. Golf Balls, Cricket Balls, and Tennis Balls
14. Lift and Stall
15. Useful Links
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15. Useful Links

  • A good place to start is The Bicycle and the Engineer.
  • A great resource on bike travel and safety Commuting By Bike: Safety Guide & Tips by HomeAdvisor (contributed by Sara And Joy).
  • For a discussion of the science of bicycling, see Exploratorium Cycling.
  • For a discussion of the aerodynamics of bicycling, visit Exploratorium Cycling Aerodynamics.
  • For a particularly good site on aerodynamics, see Articles by Rainer Pivit.
  • For a focus on aerodynamic handlebars, check out Lucas Pereira's page.
  • The aerodynamics of the Cervelo P3SL
  • Here is some scholarly work on the aerodynamic drag of mountain bike tyres.
  • Here is Kirsten Miles's take on How to Prevent your Bike from being Stolen. Thanks Kirsten.
  • Here is a link on bike safety. Thanks to Mike.
  • Here is a link on sharing the road. Thanks to Mike.
  • Here is a link on bike riding. Thanks to Sara and Alyssa.
  • Here is a link on bicycle safety tips. Thanks to Lucy.
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